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You can expect the same exceptional service from us that you’ve come to expect from our Real Estate Sales department. In addition to assisting you with tenant placement, we utilize an extensive marketing network to attract qualified tenants seeking quality apartments and homes for which to rent.


Our Rental Associates carefully screen prospective tenants to insure the best possible match for both you the landlord and the tenant. Together with personally interviewing every prospective tenant, we coordinate employment, personal credit and past landlord verifications. Upon completion of our review, we present a completed tenant application and supporting documentation to you for your review and approval. But that’s not all that we do. Upon your acceptance and approval of a tenant, we prepare and coordinate signing of appropriate leases, security deposit agreements, and required legal disclosures.


21 United Realty and 21 Property Management, has retained The Law Offices of Robert A. Novak, PLLC as general counsel for all of our legal needs. Utilizing general counsel for our company vastly improves the communication and efficiencies of all the legal needs related to managing your property. This allows us to provide the highest quality and quickest service at reduced costs to our owners. Coupled with your Owner Portal, you will have on-demand access to updates related to evictions, collections, and other related legal proceedings. Integrated legal services allows our attorney to process:

  • Evictions:  Notices, court paperwork, court appearances, and evictions
  • Collections:  Debtor searches, judgments, creditors exams, asset seizure, and garnishments
  • City Violations:  Appearances for city violations and disputes with alleged violations
  • Land Contract
  • Mortgage drafting 
  • Foreclosures 
  • Closings